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Thanks so much for stopping by! Thinking about making a lifeshift, are you? Maybe you’re sick of working and working and getting further and further behind? Maybe you’re sick of letting other people raise your children while you work for barely enough to pay for daycare? And maybe, you heard how I made the shift, several years ago, and now you’d like to know how I did it? Oh, my friend, are you in for something special!

So first, what’s  my story? Well, I spent 10 years in the aviation industry, as a flight attendant. I hung in there four years after 9/11 but something had changed and I just didn’t want to be there anymore. So, I went looking for what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I wandered in to the fitness industry and started answering phones in a women’s gym. I quickly became a personal trainer and then moved up the ladder to manager. I worked long hours, ran from client to client, came in at night when the alarm went off or the back door was leaking. I unplugged toilets, ran copious amounts of meetings and reprimanded staff. Yuk. So much for fitness. My defining moment came when I left for vacation One year. The gym owner and I took vacation the same week. I went to Maine in a pick up truck and she went to her timeshare in Belize. Although, my trip was lovely, the irony was not lost on me. Entrepreneurs get ahead. Clock punchers do not. Got it. 

I opened my own fitness studio that focused on women over 50 and I loved it. The freedom to choose my clients and my focus was wonderful. But, I was still tied to my studio 5 days a week. I have 3 grandchildren who I adore and a husband who travels for work. You haven’t lived until you’ve been on one of his trips. Every day, he goes to work and I go to the beach or shopping and after work, he comes back and takes me to dinner. Amazing. Oh, but I can’t go because clients. Bye, hon. 

And then, it happened. A friend said “Hey! Aren’t you ordained?“ I said “Why, yes I am?” She said “How would you like to marry us?” Oh, my!! Can I do that?? I went to the courthouse and checked all the laws. I was good to go. I wrote a wedding that was WAY too many words, deliberated extensively over what to wear, who stands where, what do I do with the marriage license, and on and on. I pulled off the wedding that day. They’re still married, with 2 kids, by the way! And, I was officially bitten by the bug!

I started my business, Beginnings And Ends ( and I haven’t looked back. It took no time at all until I was spending all my weekends marrying people all over Maryland. Next, I was marrying people in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey! I even hired 2 other sub contractor ministers for my overflow. I realized I was on to something special!

What I created was not just a Wedding Minister service. It was a way out. I need to make a living but I was dying to have a life. While my child grew up, I was in the air, serving coffee at 30,000 feet. And now, I was working away my grandchildren’s lives. But, no longer. I finally had a way to be with my family and still provide for them.

 I am THAT grandmother that plays outside, drinks tea in the playhouse, takes impromptu trips to the beach and has her own interests, as well. This job has  freed up my time so that I could learn to paint and crochet. I was able to foster parent a teenage boy for 2 years and do homework with him every day after school. I am able to travel with my husband and take trips with my girlfriends. I have earned my Yoga Teacher Certification.  And my greatest achievement is the female recovery house I opened in 2016, in response to the opioid crises in our community. 

I do all this while answering emails and writing weddings. I meet with new couples either in person, on the phone or on FaceTime, with my grandchildren right here. 

I love my life and have developed a way to teach it to you!! I am now able to share with you all the systems that I have designed so that you can seamlessly step into this opportunity. I’ve put it all in a 6 week video course, so even your education can be in the comfort of your home! And talk about affordable! When I started I went looking for education. The only course I could find was $2500!! That was way out of my budget, even with the two easy payments they were offering. I’m so excited to share this life. I hope you find the same amount of joy that I have. 

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