All About The Course

In an effort to help others learn a career business that will allow them to “make a living but have a life”, I created my 6 week Video Course.  When I was starting out, the only course I could find was $2500. Even though they would let me pay in “2 easy payments”, it was still out of my budget. So, I was forced to find my way through trial and error. I did tons of research and even employed some tricks straight from my old Flight Attendant Manual! 

And now, I have put all that blood, sweat and tears into a 6 week course that is so affordable, you can pay for it with 2 weddings! That’s right! 2 weddings and you’re sitting on mostly profit! You might ask “If the other guys are selling this info for $2500 then why are you so cheap!?” I know. I know. It doesn’t appear to make sense. Y’see, I’m not trying to get rich at your expense. I really want to share this information so that more people can live the life I lead. I know what it feels like to come home and find out someone else saw his first steps or pinned on his homecoming flower and reminded him to tip the waitress. I know what it feels like to watch someone else get rich off your back. 

So many people have said “Will you teach me to do what you do?” And I HAVE taught them. And they have gone on to do more than 2 weddings, that’s for sure! And when they stand up there with that nervous couple, they are confident because I armed them with information. Information that I have researched, collected and even designed myself! 

You can’t buy this type of info anywhere else. Well, unless you have $2500 you want to throw away...

This course will teach you everything you need to know to be a SUCCESSFUL Wedding Minister! Anyone can get ordained online but THEN WHAT? What do you wear? How do you write a wedding? How do you file the paperwork? What should I take with me? How do I get jobs? Whew!! So many questions! And I have the answers to these and many more. In a 6 week video course, delivered weekly to your email to be completed at YOUR leisure. 

I want you to succeed! I want you to live your best life. I’m ready! Are you??